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Holiday Singing Telegrams

‘Tis the season of traditions, festivities, and cheer, so why not spread some love with a holiday singing telegram! In a world that has lately been so full of negatives, let’s share joy and gratitude with those we love by sending a song. The National Federation of the Blind Performing Arts Division will be delivering singing telegrams for The holidays 3 weekends in December, for only $5 per song! Because of the pandemic, many celebrations and gatherings are put on hold for the time-being, so brighten up someone’s day by giving them something small to put a smile on their face. Share the love with anyone and everyone - no contact necessary! Read more.

Past Events

Annual Business Meeting

Thursday, July 16, 2020


Zoom meeting ID: 975 9375 3140

Join us for our annual business meeting followed by a panel of blind performers discussing their careers and providing advice for those planning to seek employment in the arts. Then we will take the stage and learn to dance the cha-cha together!

Salsa Dancing Workshop with Katelyn MacIntyre

Thursday, April 23, 9 PM Eastern

Learn a few basic steps of salsa, a spunky, spicy, Latin-inspired dance. No prior experience necessary. All steps will be taught thoroughly and verbally.

Improv Workshop with Ryan Strunk and Briley O’Connor

Tuesday, April 28, 9 PM Eastern

Join us for an entertaining and interactive session on this exhilarating performing art. Anything can happen, and you can be a part of the fun!

Braille Music Workshop with Julie McGinnity

Tuesday, May 5, 9 PM Eastern

Have you been curious about how braille music works? Would you like to learn a few basics? Come prepared to write out and take notes in braille during this class for beginning learners.

Percshop - Vocal Percussion with Lizzy Muhammad-Park

Tuesday, May 12, 7 PM Eastern

Learn the basics of beatboxing at the Performing Arts Division's Zoom Percshop. Vocal percussion can accompany any genre of music, but this session will focus on pop, rock, and hip-hop.

To receive the Zoom information or if you have any questions, please email

Parents, Children, and the Performing Arts

Hello everyone,

Are you a parent interested in helping your blind child cultivate diverse skills? Are you a young person with an interest in expanding your horizons? Are you an educator who has a hand in the performing arts? The upcoming membership call of the National Federation of the Blind Performing Arts Division will cater to all of these groups. We will discuss how to get kids involved in the performing arts early, how the performing arts can shape and grow character, a diverse skill set, social adeptness, etc., and how we need our youth to become involved early on to help change the landscape for blind people in the entertainment industry. We’ll talk about these things and much more with a group of panelists and also take your questions as we open up the discussion during the end of the call. All are welcome!

Sunday, November 17th, 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific.

Call (712) 770-4856

Access Code: 616934

We hope that no matter your current involvement in the performing arts, you will join us to learn about how you and those around you may become more involved to better themselves and increase representation of blind people in this exciting field.

Talk to you on November 17th!

The National Federation of the Blind Performing Arts Division, a strong and proud division of the National Federation of the Blind, works to provide equality and opportunity to blind performers. If you would like to pursue a career in the performing arts, blindness should not hold you back. We seek to connect blind performers of any genre and experience level so that we may share tips and strategies and learn from one another. It is our goal to educate the public on the capabilities of the blind who choose to work in the performing arts or perform for recreation. We invite you to stand alongside us as we remove barriers and encourage each other to take the stage and live out our dreams.